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U.A.E's Packaging Industry Sees Positive Outlook Ahead

UAE's packaging industry is expected to perform at a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024).

Functionality is the most important aspect integrated into packaging.There is an increasing demand for secondary packaging in this region due to the increasing trend in categories such as perfumes and skincare through folding cartons.

As many cuonsumers and businesses become more compatible with zero waste, sustainability in the United Arab Emirates is becoming a main growth agenda. In this region, packaging companies are investing in innovative packaging in terms of both design and equipment, taking into account changes in demographics and lifestyle.

In food packaging, there is a shift to using bigger pack sizes. Large pack sizes such as Nutella's 750g in spreads, for instance, are becoming increasingly common as they give better value, while the growing popularity of grow-up milk formula in baby food also supports sales of bigger packages.

Companies are looking for alternative ways to offer more cost-effective multipacks and bigger pack sizes, as well as smaller, more accessible packages. By making modifications to comply with beauty and personal care regulations, government bodies set packaging criteria for food businesses. For milk, juice, and other drinks, new rules and regulations are being produced. Beauty and personal care are seen as innovative pack designs.The focus on environmentally friendly packaging is increasing.

Sustainable packaging adoption is one of the essential trends in the UAE food packaging industry that will affect market growth in this region.The type of packaging used in some categories of home care varies depending on the use of the product. For example, PET packaging is used by most fabric softeners companies because it gives the impression of softness compared to HDPE. Packaging redesigns and creative packaging forms were embraced to promote a premium image. Manufacturers launched premium packaging products in many categories.

Sustainable packaging is one of the essential trends in the food packaging industry in the UAE that will have an effect on market growth in this region. Increasing consumer demand for comfort, increasing disposable income, and altering consumer behavior are factors contributing to development in this region. Available revenue and enhanced worldwide flight connectivity further increased demand on the regional market.Consumers are increasing demand for packaged food due to changing eating practices, and it is anticipated that the pace of life will have a significant effect on the sector.

The product provides long and stable shelf-life, high barrier characteristics, and safety, thus boosting development in the sector. Food safety is one of the main driving factors on the market as food quality is a major problem encountered by food producers and customers. With increasing environmental and health concerns due to the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste, companies are focusing on adopting sustainable packaging options. For example, Bemis, a major food packaging firm, launched BMET metallic sealant movies with 30% less material weight than normal 3-ply movies that substitute products such as metallic OPET, OPP, or foil.

Source : Pack Middle East